Boot Camp in Quantitative Methods

August 2018

What you need before the class

  1. Get a laptop [If you can't get one please email Jennie_Epp]
  2. Download MATLAB and Install MATLAB MATLAB can be downloaded for free via either 1) an eCommons account on the HMS Wiki, or 2) an FAS account here. Please download MATLAB R2017a or later. Please update your MATLAB if your are currently running an older version..
  3. Sign up for a student account on the learning catalytics website. Use sign-up code HSSLCS-SCOFF-PARRY-DUQUE-LEASH-MACAW
  4. After logging in, enter the following session number to get the “assignment”: 90605347.
  5. Complete the pre-course assignment on Learning Catalytics.
  6. Download the course material for Day 1 from
  7. If are in town and need help with any of these steps, come to pre-course office hours on Friday, August 10th (1-4 pm) in Armenise 545A on Longwood Campus.

Neurobiology 306qc: Quantitative Methods for Biologists

August 2018

The goals of this course are to introduce students to programming in the MATLAB environment and to begin using this tool for analyzing data and for gaining intuition about the behavior of complex systems through the use of numerical simulations.

Note: More details can be found by going to the Division of Medical Sciences website, then clicking Current Students and selecting Quarter Courses.


Mike Springer and Rick Born,

Dates and Location

The first week will cover introductory programming interspersed with some stats and image analysis. If you know how to program, come and do the exercise, but you will probably leave early. Full days of instruction are usually followed by half-days for review and practise. Attendance at half-day sessions is optional. There will be short breaks throughout and a longer lunch break.

Pre-Course (only if needed)
Friday, 8/10 1pm-3pm Help installing MATLAB Armenise 545A, Longwood [map]
Monday, 8/13 10am-4:30pm Introduction part 1 Maxwell Dworkin G115, Cambridge [map]
Tuesday, 8/14 1pm-4pm Review TMEC 209, Longwood
Wednesday, 8/15 10am-4:30pm Introduction part 2 Maxwell Dworkin G115
Thursday, 8/16 1pm-4pm Review TMEC 209
Friday, 8/17 10am-4:30pm Introduction part 3 Maxwell Dworkin G115
Monday, 8/20 10am-4:30pm Statistics Maxwell Dworkin G115
Tuesday, 8/21 1pm-4pm Review TMEC 209, Longwood
Wednesday, 8/22 10am-4:30pm Image analysis Maxwell Dworkin G115
Thursday, 8/23 1pm-4pm Review TMEC 209, Longwood
Friday 8/24 10am-4:30pm Special topics Maxwell Dworkin G115


Email Mike Springer if you haven't registered but want to.


You can find more information about course content, passing requirements and prerequisites here

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