Current Lab Members

Michael Springer

Principal Investigator

Sarah Boswell

Senior Scientist

Sarah works on several projects using sequencing as a readout for the detection of microbes. She works across these teams conducting method development and protocol troubleshooting as well as using her graduate school experience in protein purification to produce needed reagents. Sarah is an NGS expert and is the Director of Sequencing Technologies in the Laboratory for Systems Pharmacology (LSP) and the Director of the Single Cell Core @ HMS.

Ryan Ingram

Associate Bioinformatician

Ryan completed his Master’s degree in Bioinformatics, during which he investigated miRNA isoforms in neurodegenerative diseases. As an associate in the Springer Lab, he now works on developing analytical methods for biosecurity and systems biology. In his free time he enjoys reading philosophy and powerlifting.

Ang Li

PhD student, Systems Biology

Andrew Liu

PhD student, Bioinformatics and Integrative Genomics (BIG)

Andrew completed his BA in Math and MS in Computer Science at Harvard before joining the Springer Lab. He is a 2020 Emerging Leaders in Biosecurity (ELBI) Fellow. He has worked on DNA synthesis screening and genetic attribution, and his interest in biosecurity and public health now includes early outbreak detection. Before scientific research and biosecurity, he worked in software and political message testing.

Mary Pettit

Research Associate

  Jason Qian

     PhD student, Biological and Biomedical Sciences (BBS)

Ishay Ben-Zion

Postdoctoral Fellow

During his PhD, Ishay studied bacterial social behaviors and the evolution of their regulatory networks. In the Springer lab, he is studying the mechanisms by which cells achieve complex gene regulation and how this is related to genomic organization.


Former Lab Members

Former graduate students
Chiara Ricci-Tam, Postdoctorate, Boston University
Yarden Katz, Department Fellow in Systems Biology at HMS
Kayla Lee, IBM
Bo Hua, Data Scientist, Quora Inc.
Jue Wang, Biological Engineer, Ginkgo Bioworks
Renan Escalante-Chong, Associate Director of Systems Biology, Immuneering Corporation

Former post-docs
Han-Ying Jhuang, Lehigh University
Christine DeGennaro, Curriculum Fellow, Department of Genetics, Harvard Medical School
Yonatan Savir, Assistant Professor, Technion
Ilan Wapinski, Senior Scientist and Head of Computational Biology, enEvolv
Jacky Jui-yu Chou, Assistant Professor, Department of Biology, National Changhua University of Education, Taiwan

Former rotation and visiting students
Nicoletta Commins, PhD student, BBS
Jiayin Hong, visiting PhD student, Peking University
Ihab Boulas, visiting Masters student, Université Paris Descartes
Megane Matysiak, visiting Masters student, Institut Superieur de BioSciences de Paris
Julius Palme, visiting Masters student, Technical University Munich
Alexander Martynov, visiting PhD student, Skoltech Center for Data-Intensive Biotechnology and Biomedicine
Henry De Belly, visiting Masters student
Aakriti Jain, visiting Masters student
John Ingraham, PhD student, Systems Biology
Maier Avendaño, PhD student, Systems Biology
Kostadin Petrov, PhD student, Biological and biomedical sciences
Noah Taylor, PhD student, Biological and biomedical sciences
Adrian Jinich, PhD student, Systems Biology
Hattie Chung, PhD student, Systems Biology

Former undergraduates
Spencer Hamrick, Undergraduate, UT Austin
Jason Hughes, Undergraduate, UMBC
Esha Atolia, Undergraduate, Bioengineering, MIT
Chidinma Okani, Undergraduate, Interdisciplinary (Biology)
David Orozco, Undergraduate, Applied Math and Engineering
Anna Green, Graduate student, Systems Biology
Natalie Maria, Undergraduate

Former research associates
Zhi-Xiang Lu, Principle Scientist ,Perkin Elmer, Inc.
Pingfang Liu
Greg Foley