Boot Camp in Quantitative Methods

August 2020

Neurobiology 306qc: Quantitative Methods for Biologists

Harvard College/GSAS: 85319

August 2014

Learning objectives

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Dates and Location

The first two full days will cover introductory programming interspersed with some stats and image analysis. If you know how to program, come and do the exercise, but you will probably leave early. Full days of instruction are usually followed by half-days for review and practise. Attendance at half-day sessions is optional. There will be short breaks throughout and a longer lunch break.

Friday, 8/8 1pm-5pm Pre-course office hours Gordon Hall 316, Longwood
Monday, 8/11 9am-5pm Introduction part 1 Maxwell Dworkin G115, Cambridge
Tuesday, 8/12 1pm-5pm Review Maxwell Dworkin G115
Wednesday, 8/13 9am-5pm Introduction part 2 Maxwell Dworkin G115
Thursday, 8/14 1pm-5pm Review Maxwell Dworkin G115
Friday, 8/15 1pm-5pm Review Goldenson 229, Longwood
Monday, 8/18 9am-5pm Statistics Maxwell Dworkin G115
Tuesday, 8/19 1pm-5pm Review Goldenson 229, Longwood
Wednesday, 8/20 9am-5pm Image analysis Maxwell Dworkin G115
Thursday, 8/21 1pm-5pm Review Maxwell Dworkin G115
Friday 8/22 9am-5pm Special topics Maxwell Dworkin G115


Must be able to turn on a computer and use a keyboard and mouse.


The class is graded pass/fail. In order to pass, we expect you to attend the five full-day sessions, participate in the in-class exercises and complete the compulsory part of the homework assignments. If you have prior experience with MATLAB, you can skip the first two full days of class. If you foresee problems meeting the passing requirements, please contact Melanie Stefan

If you take the class for credit, you will have to add it to your fall study card.